Fast-evolving technologies are changing the nature of work, the dynamics of the workforce, and the notion of the workplace.

Technologies will minimize the need to perform repetitive tasks manually. The nature of work will shift from focusing on task completion. Problem-solving, communication, listening, interpretation, and design will gain prominence.

Advances in AI-driven technologies and robotics will increase the range and amount of work that can be done by smart machines. Organizations will need to innovate how humans work alongside machines.

Companies will reconsider the employee work lifecycle. …

Crises often lead to drastic changes and innovations, and there are many great examples of that throughout history.

Drastic events (including the economic downturn and the coronavirus pandemic) change policy directions, economy lines, and business models and affect the course of history.

The Black Death destroyed the feudal system, replacing it with more modern employment relationships. Three centuries later, the deep economic crisis caused by the hundred-year war between England and France led to the radical innovation breakthrough that modernized the agricultural sector.

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars predated the first industrial revolution.

The First World War became…

From the barter system to bitcoins, evolution in the nature of money has been a continuous and mostly, an efficient process. As the ease of transactions grow and safety concerns rise, the modern banking structure has to evaluate the correct path for its future. Recent developments suggest that nations have chosen the route of digital currencies as the way forward with the US joining the bandwagon as it debates a digital dollar.

The dollar is the world’s reserve currency and thus, while it is important for the US to come up with a digital currency backed by the dollar in…

The TikTok app performs aggressive data harvesting against everything on your device and uses active countermeasures to prevent network-level filtering of the data leak. If any of your friends or contacts use TikTok, you have a TikTok account too. It includes a background process that continues to act as malware even while the app is closed. Security practices are so lax that videos not posted to TikTok have been leaked from TikTok’s servers. We’re not talking about metadata harvesting and social proof here.

They recently agreed to stop processing American data outside of the US (in a rare show of…

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Sonia Randhawa Tech professional based in San Francisco, California passionate about creating cool products & building great teams

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